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oblivion. nothing that i did make impact whatsoever. no one would call me back. it was just horrible. i couldn't see an end to it. and it didn't end. >> i know this has been financially devastating for you. what kind of toll did it take on you as a person when one year turned into two. nothing was working. did something start to crumble inside you? >> well, the first thing that happens is you lose your friends. when you lose your friends you lose a lot of your support system. you begin to doubt yourself because people say to you, what
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did you do wrong? something must be wrong with you. i know someone who got a job. you're not doing this. you start to feel worthless. you don't want to talk to anyone. but when you do express what's going on, there is a lot of shame. emotionally depression does not even begin to explain. it's like a low motion ride to hell. every day you have to get up and kind of like live in a world of denial. okay today is going to be great. today someone is going to call me back. i went out with resumés at on the streets. mmcdonald's, target, it didn't matter. you don't want to act desperate but you are. but when you go through your 401k and checking account goes.
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there is no government safety net so it's your family and friends. at that point you better really hope that the people who say they love you really do love you. because otherwise you're going to live on the streets because there are no social services in this country to protect the long-term unemployed. >> now nick, let me move on to nick because i'm sure you've heard stories o like ms. ward. college educated, 500, 1,000, 1500 job applications. what is going on in the economy? >> i think its more serious than the economy. employers own the long-term unemployment, and the what has d
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is the employment infrastructure, the methods, the tools that employers use to recruit and hire people. where in the past if you want to find a job you had to be able to walk into a job interview, demonstrate to an interhands down that you could do the work. if it was management, mechanical, weather. you had to demonstrate that you can do it profitbly for the employer. what has changed dramatically not what needs to be done to recruit and hire. what has changed is that employers are working on a dum dumbed-down system of databases and key words. rather than having intelligent discussion that allows the person to show you how they're going profit their business, employers are matching key words in the date abou database to ken
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resumés. they. >> peter, this up ends everything that we hear about how labor markets work. you need people to do tasks in your enterprise, and when you need them you got to get them. how could employers just sit on openings for months on end? >> that's a good question. some of it has to do with accounting systems in terms of how the companies operate. inside most organizations it could look like you're saving money but not filling jobs. it reminds me of harry truman's story of weaning his mule off of food until his mule up and died. we cannot save money by not employing people, but it looks that way because of the internal accounting. it's not that hard to solve that problem. there are calculators that you can get that you can download
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that will tell you how much it costs organizations to leave positions vacant, and not get the work done but that's part of what is going on. also what is going on, as nick mentioned, this racecourse of cost effectiveness. can we make it as cheap as possible. that's why companies have gotten rid of recruiters and they have gone to software. the problem, you may not get people hired but it's hard to contemplate the benefits of a good hire versus a not so good hire. most companies cannot calculate that. if you're not calculating the cost of a good hire you can't justify the costs of doing a good hire, then you fall back on
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these cheap methods that nick is describing. >> there was good news for jennifer ward after thousands of job applications. we'll take a break and when we come back we'll talk more about that. >> shots fired. a neighborhood under attack. >> last warning, okay? i don't want to put you in handcuffs. >> now the innovative technology that can spot a stolen car parked in the middle of a city block. >> there were multiple gunshots fired. >> it can track a gunman thousands of miles away. >> if you can track it then you can predict it.
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>> audiences are intelligent
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>> welcome back to "inside story." i'm ray warez. we're continuing our discussion on long-term unemployment. jen, you can tell america happily you're no longer on the list. you just found out? >> yeah, luckily because of "the new york times" story i was featured in i had a ceo of and president of sonosite kevin good
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goodwin fly me out and really interviewed me like i was a person rather than looking for a key word on a resumé. >> you have to move across the country. that's hard for workers who have been out for a while. >> i don't have anything to relocate. after what i've been through i would move anywhere for a job. it's not like i would choose to stay in one place over another. a job is a job. this is a good one and i'm excited. >> well, congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> nick, long term unemployed people give you the sense just like we heard from jener earlier, that no one is looking at their application. what is it about the long term unemployed that gives them a
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scarlet letter in h.r. >> it's not the unemployed. america is in the biggest talent glut we've ever faced. the presiden problem with h.r. t the hiring process has been dumbed down. by the way, congratulation, and even more congratulations with the ceo of the company who hired you. he wasn't looking for key words. he talked to you about how you can benefit his business job seekers are being hurt because they're not given the opportunity to solve a problem. peter capelli pointed out companies no longer invest in training. they don't want to give employees the opportunity. you get a lot of good people the opportunity to express how they
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can help an employer to get a job done. they're not asked to do that. they're asked to fill out a form. >> what do you do when employers are being too chosey? >> i think its just worth remembering that employers are human. employers can be very smart, but they're not perfect or hyper rational either. they're trying to fill jobs with the person that they think can do the job the fastest. the one thing that has changed in recent year as nick was mentioning, they're less inclined to make investments in people. they're trying to fill the job with someone who doesn't need training or experience. that is the key change now. when employers have a vacancy they want to hire someone who is currently working-- >> professor, let me jump in
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there. as nick talking about the key words there are many applicanted who have the skill set that the employers are looking for, but they are spit out of the program by using algorithms. people who can do what you need don't even get a second look. how do you fix that? >> well, i think there are problems that they're trying to figure out which person can most easily step in and do this job. people have the skills, but the employer might say when did you last use the skills. maybe your skills got rusty. i think for listeners the big issue is to recognize that employers are not trying to actively hire someone who is unemployed. they're trying to hire someone who already has a job and more them across. the best way to do that is to
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partly explain to employers if you're all chasing the same employed people it's not going to work very well. you're going to end up bidding wages up and have a hard time finding people. but there are programs all right like the work opportunity tax credit which gives employers a bit of a subsidy to hire people. i think we have to do some things not just to lean on employers, but to entice them hire people who have been out for a while to get rid of that stigma so employers would want to hire them. >> no perspective employer can tell you that you're too old. but did anyone tell you that you had been out of work too long? >> oh, they've told me i'm too old. a lot of these employers, the
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h.r. people will say the most inappropriate things to you. and what are you going to say? you're either going answer their question or you know you're not going to get a job. i've been told to my face that they don't hire the unemployed. >> i'm glad to hear that you have a new start. to me you're young worker so you have plenty of time to make up for your lost time. jener, peter, nick, thank you for your time. that bring us us to the end of this segment. the program may be over but the conversation continues. you can log on to our facebook page. send us your thoughts on twitter. our handle is @aj inside story am. we'll see you for the next "inside story." in washington, i'm ray suarez.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. here are the stories we're following for you. merrill newman, the man being held by north korea, is returning home. and there are many tributes for the south african leader nelson mandela. >> the american war veteran retained by north korea since october is due to arrive in

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